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4 Free Blog Sites for Students You Must Know About

Blogging is a craft that enables everyone to publish their hearts out. At my student age, I was very fond of having a blog and writing whatever I want, I did it but that was totally amateur. Now there are several free blog sites for students where they can blog out as a class or individuals.

Many people ask, that what actually the purpose of blogging is for students? A simple but logical answer to this question is that blogging builds creativity in students. It let them think, write, again think, and again write at a very young age. Which eventually forms activism as well as intellectuality in them.

The following 4 are free blog sites for students as well as their teachers. These sites allow the students to express their creativity by writing blogs and sharing them with the world. These 4 free blog sites for students are remarkably beneficial for them.

In terms of young children developing as a writer is the most interesting development in the last 20 years.

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Benefits of Free Blog Sites For Students:

In several ways, these free blog sites help teachers and students. These sites allow the teachers to use the blogs to publish the assignments, different documents, resources which help them to keep the students as well as their parents up to date regarding the class events, due dates, and content being covered. On these sites, students can help other students master content and enhance their writing skills. By using these free sites for blogs students will also get aware of the use of the internet and the web.

Best Solution for Studying In COVID-19 Pandemic

Just because of COVID-19 all over the world the schools and other institutions are closed, students are unable to study by going into the school. Again these free blog sites for students are there to work as a virtual classroom. Get assignments from teachers, do them diligently and publish on any of the following sites. You as a student can also write on any topic on these sites other than academic work. Contact your fellows and discuss different educational issues by writing blogs. In this way, you will become opinionated and ultimately a great writer at a very young age.

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4 Most Useful Free Blog Sites for Students:


Key information about these platforms is discussed below it will let you know how students can use these sites.

edublogs free blog sites for students gives 1 GB storage space in their free version which includes

  1. Students and Class Management
  2. Writing Blogs and Creating Pages
  3. Customizing the look of your blog
  4. Over 250 Themes
  5. Plugins (for advanced features)
  6. Privacy (Optional)
  7. Responsiveness (device-friendly blog)
  8. Traffic Statistics
  9. Using custom domain
  10. Email subscription
  11. Database Export
  12. Networking
  13. and a few more features.

Though the storage space is pretty little against the specifications it gives. But you can upgrade to 50 GB Storage for $7.95 per month.

weebly for education free blog sites for students is the platform that allows the students to share their work and ideas with classmates or even with the world at large. Students can also protect their privacy by making their websites private to the outside world. As we all know that our coming future is based on technology and internet literacy has become a must-have survival skill and also the only key to unlock different opportunities in your coming future. does not claim ownership of your content so it is safe for use. free blog sites for students is free for a 30 days trial. With no manual curation required, students’ portfolios are built automatically across classes, demonstrating growth year-over-year. This tool is beneficial for both the students and teachers as like others. K-12 teachers are provided with a tool at this platform so that they can publish students writing. Kidblog encourages the students to write a meaningful purpose for a real audience. This also allows them to practice digital citizenship within a safe and secure environment. Kidblog enables schools to document student learning over time. free blog sites for students is the platform that is especially for the students of middle and high school that allow them to tackle big issues there and also let them build their critical and media literacy thinking skills in a supportive environment. Students participate in civic discourse with peers from around the country and engage with perspectives that may be different than their own. This website allows the students to share their blogs there freely and do discussions even on the curies they have regarding different blogs.


Free blog sites are the sites that are only made for helping the students enhance their hidden talent and show it all over the world. Blogging on these sites which are totally for the students can have numerous valuable gains not only in present but also in their future.

These benefits include self-confidence which every student must have, it helps to improve the communication skills, by writing blogs regularly this sharpens the brain’s performance and ability and the last but not the least thing is that students can also earn on it if they are interested. Read this article to learn how to monetize your blog so you could make money blogging.

By being a member of these platforms, you can reach many new people and can discover many new and interesting things. So, don’t get late and register yourself to these 4 best platforms for blogging as these are the five best free blog sites for the students.

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