best blogging platform for developers

Ghost: The Best Blogging Platform For Developers

Below things make Ghost the Best Blogging Platform for Developers 1. Managing the Website by Code 2. Packages 3. Fast speed 4. Built-in SEO and Security 5. Following features...

Developers mostly don’t like typical blogging platforms. Ghost, however, stands as the best blogging platform for developers because it has the features that make ways for them in enhancing their work.

Ghost Blogging Platform focuses on the content a person shares and is really helpful for developers who want to blog. The security level and aesthetic UI make it the best blogging platform for developers. The website is basically content-centered, and everything is based upon what the developers like regarding content.

best blogging platform for developers
Ghost Blogging Platform

Ghost Blogging Platform

Ghost is basically the blogging platform but it’s multipurpose. With Ghost, you can publish online, build a business website, and work from home as a writer. Every week thousands of writers, podcasters, and video creators make websites on Ghost. It offers a 14-day free trial, after that it charges in three different packages that are told in the below paragraphs.

So, How is Ghost The Best Blogging Platform For Developers?

Peers on Github declare Ghost as the #1 Content Management System (If you are a developer you must know what’s Github).

Its theme development is totally different that makes it a fast platform. Their Handlebars templating language differentiates HTML from JavaScript logic. This eventually creates a dynamic client-side app and server-side publication. The HTML to the browser goes as static.

Ghost allows 100s of developer SDKs. You can integrate any of your existing tools. Such as

  1. MailChimp
  2. Zapier
  3. Disqus
  4. Analytics
  5. Stripe
  6. Let’s Encrypt
  7. Netify
  8. Slack
  9. Shopify
  10. Intercom
  11. Help Scout
  12. IA Writer
  13. Spotify
  14. Unsplash

Below things make Ghost the Best Blogging Platform for Developers

1. Managing A Website By Coding:

Developers can manage the website by web coding. If you know languages like HTML and CSS, then you can manage and recreate the look of the website all by yourself.

We think that this feature helps Ghost in becoming the popular site among developers as most of the developers appreciate the feature of maintaining and redesigning the website on their own.

The Best Blogging Platform For Developers
The Best Blogging Platform For Developers

The feature is unique for a number of reasons when thinking from developers’ point of view, some want their websites to look like a surprise box. They want their websites designed in a way that users get surprised by every click, and this can happen if they will add code according to their needs.

You can customize your website according to your need. You can change it into a better interface by putting a little effort into code. Do you have javascript skills and want to invest time in them?

You can become the perfect developer and blogger by using the JavaScript magic on the platform of Ghost. Making it easy for you, Ghost enables you to swap anything by your JS skills although there is by default front-end of the client and admin.

2. Packages:

Some people hear about the purchasing policies of Ghost and do not sign up at this platform. But we want you to know that Ghost offers the best purchasing plans so far. These packages are what a developer needs.

There are relatively 3 packages.

Ghost: Packages

If you do not compromise over the quality, then the ghost platform is for you. These packages are not that much costly, and if you are a developer, then these packages are a small amount for you to pay to promote your work.

3. Simplicity:

A nod to a wise is enough, if you are smarter and have experience with other blogging sites, then you may consider Ghost as the best blogging platform for developers. The most fascinating thing about this platform is the way its developers kept it simple.

You may have experienced the slow processing on websites, they can be even bulkier, and the most annoying thing is waiting after clicking. As everything in the world has changed, fast processing, fast delivery, fastest works are becoming part of lives. Most of the blogging platforms do not offer quick working, and you have to wait until the process is completed after the clicks.

The editors, developers, and creators can have a golden chance if they are on Ghost. The simple APIs help developers and makes them heed upon the main thing they want to cover.

The developers do not have to worry about loads of the baggage because there are page builders and syntax highlighters that help you in making bulks of data in an assembled form.

4. How Can The Developers Take Advantage Of The Simple View Of Ghost?

Queen was dead a long time ago, now the world is progressing, and everyone wants to be a way ahead from others. The people that do some sort of development and deployment are always considered to be more creative and quick-witted. These people always want something unique and in their own way.

If you are a developer and want everything organized, and at its finest, then you must sign up for Ghost. It is the best blogging platform for developers as they can create blogs in their style by the simplicity feature of Ghost.

4.1 Speed:

People consider that there are a lot more things a person can do if they have good speed. You may be thinking that why are we relating Ghost with real life and people. If a developer wants to write a blog upon what he has developed, he must have something speedy, so his time is saved.

Unlike other blogging sites, Ghost offers proper checks and headers that are making it acentric. You may minify the assets to save time and memory, and this thing is not offered by most of the blogging sites.

Ghost itself is confident about its speed that it gave a statement that Ghost is 1900% faster and reliable then WordPress. All a developer wants is fast processing, and Ghost is meant for this unique feature.

Not only this, but the Ghost also gives the best scores for the blog. You may check it by yourself, while other websites for blogs are giving scores between 60 to 50, the Ghost will give a score of above 90 if your blog is perfect.

Another thing is the fast processing of images, the era of turtles is no more. You do not have to wait for image to be processed for you, all you have to do is CLICK! Yes!! Just click over the images, and they are loaded faster than light. You may zoom them, and no lengthy processing is need at all.

Isn’t’ Ghost the best platform for developers? It has several new things that are made to overcome the problems that developers are facing with blog sites.

4.2 Manageable:

You can just dig in there and do work excitedly on Ghost. Ghost is manageable, and developers can literally manage anything. If you are a developer and have done blog posting, then you must have experienced the obstinate sites. Ghost is something beyond imagination.

If you have not signed up for Ghost, then go and sign up first and feel free in managing. Web developers that like to have things architecture in their own way can manage their blog sites if they are a member of Ghost. Being the best blogging platform for developers Ghost promises to enable the simple view that can easily be modified and managed according to needs.

4.3 Freedom:

The word freedom has its own gratification. Ghost does not bound you, and you are free to do whatever tasks you can do as a blogger and a developer.

Technology is always best when it enables its users to have the delight of freedom and does not restrain them from doing tasks that are their primary focus.

This site enables you to have reduced-sized bulk. The small size will be easy to manage and stored. The processing becomes relatively fast, and the developer gets free of worries about slow processing. 

Resource freedom is leading the Ghost to the top best platforms for developers and making it perfect. Along with these features, developers can have the tang of the trending section. There is a trending section that shows the top blogs of developers and their insights. You can be free of the pressure of checking the blog on other sites, whether it is trending or not.

4.4 Built-in SEO and Security:

You do not need other plugins for SEO if you have Ghost. Ghost enables SEO optimization and SEO tools that will help you make your blogs ranked at the top and have the best readability scores. We prefer Ghost because it will eventually save your time and time is not an essential thing. Still, it is the thing that makes every other thing essential. By having Ghost, you can save your memory too because of built-in SEO tools. It will enable you to have top-ranked write-ups.

Work security is crucial either you work online or physically. Ghost enables SSL feature. By offering automatic SSL, Ghost develops trust amongst its users. Secure sites are much preferred than those who have insecure connections. Be a developer of the next generation by being a member of the best blogging platform for developers, Ghost. There are also single-use tokens that ensure the security of the site.

4.5 Make Money:

You can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars by Ghost. There is a unique feature of this platform, you can adjust the settings, and your viewers that like your blogs will have to pay for your blogs and then read. This will definitely generate a review whenever they open the blog. You can earn more from it than spending on this platform.

4.6 A Lively Platform For Developers:

The developers can write blogs, and it is quite interesting that Ghost enables user-friendly view. Your blogs are well managed on Ghost, and you do not need to add little details just like other platforms for blogging. You do not have to worry about focusing on headings etc. instead you can easily manage blogs by simple tools.

The easy editing, easy managing, and easy usage can help developers to focus more on how to engage their audience.

5. Features and Future:

The features of Ghost are making it the biggest platform of the future. Many people ask if the Ghost is worth paying for. Yes! It is, in a sense that it is giving a new innovation in the field of blogging.

There are several features that Ghost enables you, and instead of having different sites, you can have only one platform that can help you grow your blogs.

Ghost enables a convivial atmosphere for the developers, and it seems that it is made taking the cons of other blogging sites. Let’s discuss what Ghost offers you and has become the best blogging platform for developers so far.

5.1 Features Enabled By Ghost:

Spending money on other blogging platforms if you can have access to Ghost is just like throwing it on the road. Ghost offers the features that are not offered by any of the blogging sites. The following are the features that Ghost enables:

5.2 Custom Domain:

Ghost, although charges the users but offers the feature of a custom domain. Yes, you can have your own custom domain and can feel free to choose whatever domain you want to.

5.3 Free SSL:

Developers do not need to be worried anymore about the security of their sites and blogs. There is a unique SSL built-in feature without plugins, and you can efficiently work on Ghost.

5.4 Own Data:

Does it feel odd reading the own term data? Ghost provides features that help you by having your own blogs and data by your own name.

5.5 Own Site:

Ghost is the best blogging platform for developers as you can have your own site. Yes, you can have a site that totally is managed by you, edited by you and you can get entertained by the features it offers.

5.6 Bulk Marketing Emails:

You can send marketing emails free of cost using Ghost. The developers can send the emails of the links of blogs they want to share to hundreds of users just free of cost and market their services.

6. Video

Getting started on Ghost


Experience the best features of blogging with Ghost. It is definitely the new journey of blog posting on sites. This platform will make a hallmark in the field of technology and development.

Ghost will definitely occupy the first position in blogging sites, and future updates of Ghost are expected to be more reliable, flexible, and more developer-friendly. There will definitely be new means so the users can utilize plans and earn from them too.
In short, Ghost has all the features that the best blogging platform for developers must-have. 

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