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13 Best Travel Blog Platforms Reviewed: Choose The Best

The most popular and best travel blog platforms are; WordPress, Wix, Blogger, Tumblr, and Weebly, however, I found dozens other with extra features that may fit best for your needs.

You can create a travel blog very easily without writing any code. Some of the below-reviewed platforms are creatable with a few clicks and some need a couple of hours setting up a complete travel blog.

I am reviewing travel blogging platforms as a successful Website Designer and Blogger. So, you can trust what I recommend, also you can contact me for assistance regarding creating a blog.

Note: this article answers all Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Blogging

To test them, I did: Made a post, drew in with certain individuals, and attempted to create a tour, story, and tried all the options to know which platform provides the most and best features for creating the best travel blog.

Note: Some of the best travel blog platforms beneath are premium, I will suggest you go with It is the most functional, loaded with a huge number of features, very aesthetic, and easy to manage! However, check other platforms below too.


13 Best Travel Blog Platforms

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. Weebly
  4. Blogger
  5. Squarespace
  6. Medium
  7. Traveldiariesapp
  8. Photler
  9. Travellerspoint
  10. Triponto
  11. Livenguide
  12. Jauntlet
  13. Mapify

Comparison Table

comparison table for top travel blog platforms
Comparison of Top Travel Blog Platforms

Less Customizable Travel Blog Platforms

These are the websites that do not allow creating a fully manageable website but allow you to create a traveler profile and share photos and journeys, etc.

  1. Mapify
  2. Photler
  3. Travellerspoint
  4. Tripoto
  5. Livenguide
  6. Jauntlet
  7. Traveldiariesapp
13 Best Travel Blog Platforms Reviewed: Choose The Best 1

Reviewing These 7 Travel Blog Platforms

1: Travellerspoint 

Travellerspoint Pros

  • It has a major and dynamic network as of now so you can communicate with others.
  • It does everything that the various platforms do.

Travellerspoint Cons

  • The interface is somewhat more established than others yet not impeding.

2: Mapify

Mapify Pros

  • It can include photographs and you can add outings to your blog.
  • Extremely pleasant to design your trips.

Mapify Cons

  • You can’t make a page and is anything but a functioning network from what I can see.

3: Photler

Photler Pros

  • The framework is decent and clean, practically lovely.
  • The platform makes making locales appealing and extremely simple.

Photler Cons

  • Really constrained as far as layouts/topics.
  • Doesn’t have a ton of imaginative space
  • Requires installment

4: Triponto

Triponto Pros

  • It can make posts and outings.
  • It’s genuinely settled so it has a genuine network.

Triponto Cons

  • Progressively centered around arranging trips
  • Reviews don’t appear to get as a lot of consideration.

5: LivenGuide

LivenGuide Pros

  • Ready to book travels with individuals, just as get together with individuals from everywhere throughout the world.
  • You can bring in cash while meeting individuals and investigating nations.

Livenguide Cons

  • Unfit to interpret posts and surveys that aren’t in English. In this manner constraining the aides, you would have the option to work with.
  • More about turning into a guide than a travel platform.

6: JauntLet

Jauntlet Pros

  • You can log how far you’ve walked recently like the days, which licenses you to view who the most accomplished travelers are.
  • You can allow allies to change your online diaries, adding progressively substance and substance to your posts.

Jauntlet Cons

  • The site course could use some work.
  • Finding an individual is totally hard in light of the fact that the journey criteria are for urban networks only.

7: TravelDiariesApp

Traveldiariesapp Pros

  • You can make long and itemized reviews that are spread out in parts, this gives the impact of perusing a short, individual story.

Traveldiariesapp Cons

  • Unfit to follow different essayists (dairies).
  • All reviews are likewise unknown.
  • Unfit to connect to some other web journals or posts that you may have composed.

Fully Customizable Travel Blog Platforms

You can utilize any of the upper mentioned platforms to start a blog, yet the blogging platforms described below have more features, control, and customization – which are definitely a better option.

I would recommend you choosing a travel blog platform from this list.

8. Wix

A lot simpler to utilize (no coding required, simply drag and drop content around). Your website will be much less adjustable when contrasted with utilizing WordPress, as you can’t alter the codes to your website. Wix can be a great choice for a travel blog as it is a complete content management system.

Thus you’ll entertain a great range of opportunities in terms of designing, SEO, and branding. However, Wix is costlier than WordPress and Blogger. Blogger is the least expensive you only need to pay for a domain and WordPress needs you to pay for a domain and hosting and nothing else.

best travel blog platform Wix

9. Squarespace

Squarespace is also a great blogging platform either for traveling or any other niche. It has a great range of stunning templates. I had no knowledge of this platform but suddenly I got an order from some photographer & filmmaker in the USA to create a Squarespace website on Fiverr. I was stunned at that time but when I explored and tried to create a Squarespace website it was more than easy. I completed a 4 pages website within 5 hours. I would highly suggest Squarespace for a travel blog. If you want me to create it for you contact me at Fiverr Website Developer.

Squarespace best travel blog platform

10. Blogger

Blogger is one of the more straightforward platforms and that is the reason it is truly mainstream. It’s a platform that numerous bloggers begin on. is Google’s blogging platform launched in 1999 and is one of the mega blogging platforms to date. It is very easy to create a blog website on it, if you have Gmail signed in the browser, just type; it will take you to an interface where you can create the blog in a few clicks. For detailed information about, I refer you to this blog post.

best travel blog platform

11. Weebly

Weebly is a very easy to use travel blog platform, enrich with loads of free templates available for a variety of niches. It gives built-in SEO tools to be successful in travel blogging. You need no code to set it up. It has a drag and drops functionality to add more and more desired features to your travel blog.

weebly, best travel blog platform

12. Medium

Medium is also a good platform for blogging because it gets powered by a mega blogging company Though it’s good for blogging but not an ideal platform for a travel blog. It has no customization, thus I would not recommend it.

best travel blog platform

WordPress is by a wide margin the best travel blogging platform, I have tried numerous platforms in my mission to develop the best travel website that is also great in SEO and I came up with WordPress as the best travel blog platform.

In case, you do not want a detailed and comprehensive website rather a website where you can just post photographs and videos of your traveling and write stories. Then all the above-mentioned platforms are good for you. However, if you want to take travel blogging as a business then I will advise you to go for WordPress. If you contact me I will on chat guide you on how to start it. However, read the below review, it will also help you learn WordPress for a travel blog.

13 Best Travel Blog Platforms Reviewed: Choose The Best 2

WordPress The Best Travel Blogging Platform

WordPress has for a long-time been perceived as the go-to platform for making your own website or blog. Plenty of organizations have begun their websites on WordPress, and it is the platform of choice for pretty much every blogger over the globe.

Why WordPress Is The Best Platform For A Travel Blog?

It is Free and Open Source

Perhaps the greatest advantage of utilizing WordPress is that it is free. You can utilize the essential platform and download plugins and themes for nothing. There are some further developed themes and plugins that cost cash, however for testing and giving it a shot, it is totally free.

Just as being free, WordPress is open-source. Open source meaning it is as a rule continually redesigned, improved and tried, and with a huge number of individuals over the globe having some expertise in WordPress, world-class support is just a tick away.

Very Beginner Friendly

WordPress is intended to be utilized by anybody, and that implies ANYONE. Regardless of whether you are a 60-year-old mother with zero blogging or CMS information, or a 12-year-old needing to begin a blog on his preferred TV arrangement, you can utilize WordPress with practically zero issues.

WordPress doesn’t require any coding information to utilize or modify, on the off chance that you need another component on your website, it is as straightforward as downloading and initiating a module which will do all the muddled work for you.

WordPress can without much of a stretch be called a simplified site, as the greater part of the difficult work is done consequently, and the most you need to do is input your data into the significant box or drop-down, straightforward.

Templates and Plugins

One of the immense advantages of WordPress is that it permits outsider originators and software engineers o transfer their own themes and plugins, this implies their library for these perspectives is huge.

There is a theme that will suit any kind of blog, blogger, and character, and each is completely adaptable. You can without much of a stretch take a theme that has been downloaded 100 000 times and transform it into something totally one of a kind.

The plugins are similarly as adaptable. There is a module for totally all that you may need or need your blog to do or to resemble. Regardless of whether you need your web-based social networking catches on the base of the page, or to monitor what number of snaps you get among lunch and 2 pm on a Thursday, there is a module that will do it impeccably.

Every one of these themes and plugins permits you to transform your webpage into an internet business store, a photography webpage, a lodging booking webpage, whatever you may require your website to do, you can tweak it as needs be.

Every one of these themes and plugins accompanies their own support framework from the creators themselves, permitting you to have each inquiry or question replied, just as getting inside tips on the most proficient method to completely use each theme or module.

Security Features

Considering WordPress is utilized to begin significant websites, blogs, and online business stores that handle heaps of cash and contains a monstrous database of individual data, the webpage was structured in light of high security as it so happens.

On the off chance that you are as yet uncomfortable with security, there are numerous plugins that will include an endless supply of security to your site to give you much more genuine feelings of serenity. Security isn’t an issue with WordPress, and they guarantee, with steady updates, that you are continually ensured.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the event that you are making a blog for your business or organization, you will no doubt need it to be seen and seen by whatever number individuals as could be expected under the circumstances. To do this on the web, you need SEO to enhance your website to make it as web crawler inviting as could be expected under the circumstances.

Indeed, WordPress has these bases secured from the beginning. WordPress consequently guarantees your website is quick and responsive and improved for versatile platforms, keys for incredible SEO.

In the event that this isn’t sufficient, there are a large group of SEO plugins and instruments you can introduce to guarantee your SEO is consistently at its best. The best one available right currently is Yoast SEO, which covers all the essential SEO bases just as some more. Clearly, as the greater part of WordPress, it is anything but difficult to utilize and comprehend.

Awesome Customer Support

It has been referenced on various occasions exactly how simple WordPress is to utilize and that it is so natural to set up a complete working website. There could be a problem that you can’t fix, this is the time the WordPress community comes in.

WordPress has a huge support community that covers totally every part of the platform, and regardless of what you are stuck on, there will be somebody who can assist you with fixing it.

WordPress have their own official support discussions, online instructional exercises, and courses, support gatherings for every single theme and module, just as WordPress blogs, that really expound of each part of the webpage.

WordPress is, without question, the best platform for your travel blog, or any blog besides. In the event that you began perusing this inclination uncertain on the off chance that it was the correct choice for you, unmistakably it isn’t just the correct choice however the main choice as well.


I have described all the travel blog platforms in detail. I hope you can now easily create a website, however, if you still want to know how to create a travel blog with WordPress, you can consult a WordPress Website Designer by this link.

Watch a great video on starting a travel blog:

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