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Book Blogging On WordPress: WordPress Book Blogs

This article explains why book blogging on WordPress is better than any other blogging platform. Book blogging is all about writing reviews on a website of the books that you read.

This article explains why book blogging on WordPress is better than any other blogging platform. Book blogging is all about writing reviews on a website of the books that you read.

Book blogging is comparatively a very low searched niche which makes it hard for book bloggers to make a living out of it. For such a situation, if you are a book blogger, you need a blog platform that goes beyond just being an online publishing tool.

According to research by Ashley on, book blogs get an average of 9000 monthly page views. This is appropriately a low number if you have advertisements as your only monetization method. It is also not good if you are doing affiliate marketing for books, because such a low number cannot generate a handsome amount of sales.

So, what should I do?

You need the right blogging platform which in my opinion is WordPress. If you do book blogging on WordPress you will entertain the facility to scale it from just a blog.

WordPress, previously a blogging giant has turned into a full-fledged content management system. A limitless opportunity of customizing the website makes WordPress to be used for any purpose.

You can create an aesthetic blog where you’ll beautifully showcase the books for selling. Here’s a two-fold advantage of doing book blogging on WordPress,

  1. You can directly sell the books (using WooCommerce).
  2. You can sell books on Amazon Kindle by just links and earn commissions.

WordPress has the best integration for the Amazon affiliate program. It has dedicated plugins that let you showcase the books in the best manner as well as providing you detailed statistics.

Some Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins




Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For more views, you need to that your website/blog ranks in search engines. You need to do SEO of your web pages as well as each blog post you write. In my vast blogging experience, I saw no platform providing SEO integration better than WordPress. Top SEO plugins by WordPress

  1. RankMath and
  2. Yoast

If used rightly, will rank your articles on SERPs, giving you more and more views. I personally use RankMath, it’s totally free. I have several posts of mine standing tall among competitors.

Great News: You can learn SEO in couple of months reading any of the following book.

Selling Info Products

A very popular method among bloggers to “make money blogging” is selling info products. Info products can be guides you just wrote after a great exposure in any field. It can be something like “Ultimate Guide On Hiring A Freelancer“, etc.

Book Blogging In A Broader Context

A fun way to get into a connection with readers all over the world. Book blogging is not writing about the book you read and want others to read it also but is your thoughts and feelings about the book you read and love the most. It’s like a project on which people from different countries work together and create a community and stand out together for each other.

Despite Low Searches Why Should You Do Book Blogging?

Book blogging lets you have an experience of meeting and making new friends as well as several other amazing opportunities. Many people start working as book bloggers and afterward, they start their own business and many become publishers and journalists. Book blogging basically lets you know who are you actually and on what level do you lay among the other readers. By doing book blogging you can easily share and create your own ideas and also learn a lot from others.

Book Blogging On WordPress

After such a great rationale behind continuing book blogging and elaborated merits of WordPress, what thing is stopping you from starting it?

A few more things I feel obliged to tell you:

There are various platforms where you can do book blogging. I recommend you WordPress because it actually facilitates you with numerous features that other platforms can’t provide.

With the easiest learning curve, WordPress is easy to use by any layman. You can easily share your thoughts, ideas, and stories.

Best WordPress Themes for Book Blogging

The website layouts that are created especially for different types of websites for any skill level are WordPress Themes. There is a number of WordPress websites templates are available on one of the most popular content management systems called WordPress that are famously used for blogging, personal or other business websites, and many e-commerce sites.

The best WordPress themes for book blogging must be so attractive and flawlessly highlights your written words of the blog in such a way that forced the reader to spend hours on your site. We are here discussing the three best WordPress themes for book blogging. These are:


Typology is one of the incredible minimalist design themes that offers many amazing features which shows to be the best WordPress theme to be selected by the bloggers. This theme also facilitates you with five different homepage customization options that further provide you with a number of features.


DIVI is found to be the most elegant themes of those rare WordPress blog themes that have the capability of doing everything. A cool duplicator feature is the best feature of this theme and it is being equipped with round about 46 different content models. It also gives you the ultimate freedom to build your site.

Magnus Photoblog Theme:

MAGNUS PHOTOBLOG THEME is the best theme for a person who wants to deliver his message through photography. This theme is highly image-focused along with high-quality photography that helps to back up your words. The one who wants to have a focus on their images must have use of this amazing WordPress theme as it provides you with a cool hover effect that makes your sites seem cutting-edge.

How to create a Book Blog on WordPress?

You can create a book blogging website on WordPress easily by following these steps:

  1. Choose the name and domain for your Blog.
  2. Select the theme for your blog and set up your site.
  3. Build Your Book Blogging Pages Such As “About Me” and “Book Review Policy”
  4. Start reading books and requesting free titles from professional reviewing databases
  5. Write your First Book Review posts.
  6. Try to think about bringing it to Social Media and where you want to share your posts


Book blogging enables you to get in connect with different types of book lovers all over the world. This also enables you to enhance your abilities and talent that can be profitable for you also. This because by doing book blogging on WordPress you can also have the opportunity to earn money.

WordPress also provides you many amazing themes that can be used by you to make your book blog look more attractive and catchier. So, don’t waste your time writing blogs on different sites just create you on book blogging sites by WordPress and enjoy it.

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