Free Blogging Platforms that Allow Advertising

2 Totally Free Blogging Platforms That Allow Advertising

Why read long articles explaining a dozen blogging platforms like “14 free blogging platforms that allow advertising”, “6 best free blogging platforms that allow advertising to make money”, etc. When this article explains only 2 but 100% value-added platforms where you can start blogging and earn a great passive income.

Once, I was at your place, passionate for blogging, needy to make money, concerned about paying bills, and then I started blogging. It will take you 6-8 months developing recognition and authority of your website in the eyes of the search engine (Google) after that you’ll start getting a lot of traffic, then that would be the time to monetize your website.

Before heading towards 2 free blogging platforms, I’ll give a brief overview of advertising programs. The most used one is Google Adsense, you need about 50-100 visitors per day and some other requirements (described against the previous link)to avail it. Other advertising programs are, Infolinks, BuySellAds, Adsterra, etc.

These programs have their own terms & conditions and are slightly tighter than Google AdSense, follow this link for detail about 14 blogging advertisement programs.

Let’s Start

2 Free Blogging Platforms that Allow Advertising

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress

1: Blogger is Google’s blogging platform launched in 1999 and is one of the mega blogging platforms till date. It is very easy to create a blog website on it, if you have gmail signed in the browser, just type; it will take you to an interface where you can create the blog in a few clicks.

Free Blogging Platforms that Allow Advertising
Blogger Interface

Clicking on this link “New Blog” will take you to name it and choosing a template. After selecting a template of your choice you’ll be all ready to start writing your first post. Here’s one thing of your concern:

The blog website you’ll create this way would have such a URL structure ““, here’s myblog is your chosen website name and Blogspot is blogger’s extension which comes with a free website.

You can simply continue and earn money with it, however, if you want a custom domain name of your choice such as, etc then you need to buy a domain from any registrar (NameCheap or GoDaddy) and configure it into Blogger. This document from Google tells how you can configure a custom domain to blogger.

Let’s say you have chosen any option now start publishing articles, and remember the time span I described earlier in this article.

Why Blogger?

1: Run by Google: Since it is owned by Google that’s why it gets leverage from it in terms of traffic and early approval of Adsense (advertisement).

2: Easeness: It is very easy to create and manage, even a complete novice can comfortably use it.

3: Free Hosting: with alternatives, you need to purchase a hosting plan along with domain, but on blogger, you entertain free hosting from Google.

4: Reliability & Speed: there’s a problem with other hosting companies, if you start getting plenty of traffic they slow down your website, or traffic becomes unmanageable for them. While traffic is not a problem for Blogger, you can entertain millions of visitors without any slowness.

5: Free HTTPS: Every new site use to be HTTP and you need to buy an SSL and go through the complicated process of configuring it on your website, but with Blogger it already comes in HTTPS. HTTPs is a security protocol.

6: SEO: Again Google’s monopoly, as Blogger is run by Google and all the bloggers try to optimize their blogs for Google search engine. At this point, blogs with gets the advantage, they are more prone to be ranked.

Free Blogging Platforms that Allow Advertising
Pros of

2: WordPress

The second blogging platform is WordPress, now one thing is important, there are two types of WordPress. 1 is free version and the second is self-hosted

So, which one should I go for?

Well, is like Blogspot it also comes as ““. This free version lets you do blog out but it has no templates, no customization, only a simple dumb text editor. That’s why I will advise you of opting

Creating a blog on is way harder than that of Blogger. You need to follow that .org link and download WordPress software, buy a domain and hosting (usually both costs $35/year). You will get a cPanel from your host where you can install the WordPress, choose a template/theme, and start your blog.

If you are a complete novice it may feel very difficult to unfold WordPress, but once you have achieved it, it will give you an enormous number of features to customize the website according to your idea.

If you feel difficult doing it on your own I can link you to a WordPress Website Designer and Developer, who’ll assist you as well as get you a completely running blog at $100.

Free Blogging Platforms that Allow Advertising

WordPress Blogging

WordPress was basically a blogging platform but then it evolved and turned into a giant Content Management System (CMS). Now, it is a platform able to create any kind of websites but we have to take it as a blogging platform. There are 100s of stunning WordPress themes for blog, according to my vast experience of blogging I found Jannah as the best WP blogging theme.

Download Jannah The Best WordPress Blog Theme.

Though WordPress is hard to start but it has some extra ordinary benefits that no other website builder has.

Why WordPress?

1: Most-Used: WordPress is the number 1 blogging platform, 35% of the wbesites are made on it.

2: Customization: WordPress can turn your idea into a website. It is extremely customizable, any part of it can be altered to any extent.

3: SEO: WordPress has 2 state of the art plugins that help you do 100% on-page SEO of the articles you write. Yoast SEO & RankMath.

4: Advertising: As our topic is free blogging platforms that allow advertising so, WordPress allows all types of advertisement and have better ad placement than that of Blogger.

5: Flexibility: If your blog gets a huge success you can turn it into a brand. Create a paid membership program, start online product or services selling, create a portfolio page. In short, it can be your brand identity in the future.

6: Plugins: WordPress gives a big number of free plugins to install on the website. You need a feature, simply install a related plugin.

Free Blogging Platforms that Allow Advertising, why wordpress

If you want to dig into knowing a complete range of blogging platforms from free to paid, read our guide on 10 Blogging Platforms to Make Money

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best free blogging platforms that allow ads to generate income?

There are dozens of blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Medium, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, etc. Out of these, the Blogger is only a fully free platform including ads placement to generate income. WordPress comes at number 2.

Where can I post my blog for free?

Well, I’ll suggest because it’s totally free and easy to use blogging platform. You can create a Blogger blog within a few clicks and post your first article.

How do beginner blogs make money?

Advertising is the best option for beginner bloggers to make money. You can have monetize your blog for ads after a minimum of 10 posts. Your posts should be value-added for the readers.

Is Blogger completely free?

Yeah, Blogger completely free. You can create it with your simple gmail address. However, if you want a custom domain you need to spend round about 10 bucks on purchasing a domain.

Do I need hosting for Blogger?

Not at all. You do not need any hosting, Google provides you free platform for blogging.

Author’s Recommendation

You got to know about both free blogging platforms that allow advertising, now you can decide which platform suits you. In my opinion, for a complete novice Blogger is better, and for a little techy person, WordPress is a better choice. Both platforms support advertising and immensely used blogging platforms.

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