How Freelance Technical Writing Saved Me From Unemployment After Graduation

How Technical Writing Saved Me From Unemployment

This is my story of accidentally becoming a technical writer after a college degree in Information Technology. It’s full of ups and downs. Believe me, you’ll find it very interesting.

I completed my Bachelors in Information Technology in 2018 with 2 software and a thesis as my Final Year Project. I scored A+ in the FYP.

I considered this a big achievement and started considering a high-tech person. My bad… It all faded away when I tried to get a job in the software development field. From my first two interviews, I realized that whatever I have done in the programming field is a child’s play while the professional world is way advanced where my skill has nothing to do.

It was intensely shocking + disappointing but I still had hope left. I got to know about freelancing from a friend who had a successful career in it. All He explained was about tech, tech, and tech while I was dumb a** in this field. 

A technical Writing career is sometimes disapointing.

However, I started researching on the internet about careers as an IT graduate. I got to learn about some web development platforms where coding was not needed to create websites and e-commerce stores. Not to mention a few WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace. Hence, I decided to take a WordPress course, joined an academy, and learned it for 2 months. Meanwhile, I won my first project that was creating an e-commerce website. I put my best in creating it at a very low price and ended up with a dumb website that the client never liked. My courage was further diminished. 

I had created WordPress designing and development gigs on Fiverr where I was getting no work. Suddenly I came across an idea that throughout my 4 years in college I had been good at writing and since I am an IT graduate why shouldn’t I offer technical writing service.

I starting as a Technical Writer

So, working on that idea I created a Technical Writing gig on my Fiverr profile. It read “I will do technical writing for tech blogs and websites”. One thing I want to let you know that before doing this I had written 2 articles on general niches but being a non-native English speaker I couldn’t impress clients. So, It was 2019 I got my first order on tech writing niche, It was something on Blockchain, I researched, gathered the info, and wrote down a blog post. I have knocked down with a feather when my delivery approved instantly and I received 5-star feedback from the client. 

Turning Point

This one 5-star feedback happened to be a turning point for me, I never looked back. It had given me a hurricane of confidence that now I could write any piece of technical writing.

I started getting orders for software documentation, web-development techniques, copywriting for WP themes and plugins, and blog writing for several tech companies.

I have been attached to multiple software/web development companies that hire me for writing articles, guest posts, or documentation of their products. It’s been 3 years and I am working as a successful technical writer.

I have done 200+ technical writing projects.

How to upscale yourself as a Content Writer?

It doesn’t mean that if you’re a writer you’ll be writing content for people throughout your life. No. You will learn certain skills while doing this that’ll be useful in scaling your business. The first of them is SEO

There are tons of write-ups explaining SEO, I am not gonna do it rather ending my story with a tip that if you learn SEO, you can create your own blog and write articles for yourself. Create a simple blog, write SEO-enriched articles, monetize it, and make money. This would become an asset for you. 

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