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7 Things You Must Know About Ghost Blogging Platform

7 most important aspects of the Ghost Blogging Platform that I experienced by using it for years. You must know them either you are a beginner or a senior user.

Ghost is an open-source blogging platform that lets you publish your thoughts and knowledge online more easily and efficiently. We recommend it to people looking for the right blogging platform from any field either they are entrepreneurs, publishing companies, or freelance writers.

A few words before heading to 7 distinctive traits of Ghost!

Purpose of Ghost Blogging Platform

As the rise of censorship policies and media politics all around the world made it difficult for writers to explore their creative realms the way they want. Cyber publishing options began to replace traditional ones. Ghost is one of those options that allow people blogging their hearts out on a secure, fast, and aesthetic blogging platform.

Is Ghost A Free Blogging Platform?

Yes, Ghost is a totally free open-source blogging platform. It is licensed by MIT for distribution. You can create a blog on it free of cost.

Isn’t Creating A Blog Difficult For A Non-Techie?

Despite the intriguing prospect of writing on your own terms as well as reaching a massive audience, blogging like every other thing has its own hassles. Such as creating a website, which was quite impossible for non-programmers a few years back.

But, this heck has gone past. The creative minds around the world have created platforms that allow non-techies to establish a blog in a few clicks (by installing templates). Resulting in the emergence of a large number of blogging platforms. The Ghost is one of them.

Now, you can easily create a blog on Ghost and start publishing.

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Sounds pretty exciting, right? But in the plethora of blogging platforms available out there, how do you know which one is the right for you? Well, no need to worry, because we have got you covered.

7 Things You Must Know About Ghost Blogging Platform

Let’s start

#1. Ghost Is The Fastest Blogging Platform!

We’ve all been through that annoying experience when a blog post we just clicked on refuses to load, and we are forced to stare at the waiting sign, which most of the time culminates into us leaving the website.

Would you like happening this on your blog? Definitely not. It will cost you loss of traffic.

Bloggers can’t afford the chance of losing potential readers. Here comes Ghost with fast loading interface from frontend to backend.

Using Node.js, Ghost provides you the fastest loading speed, at a response rate 19 times faster than WordPress (approximated by independent surveys). In other words, the time in which a WordPress page loads a single time, a Ghost web-page loads nineteen times!

#2: Neat And Smooth Interface!

For a piece of writing to be seen as the artwork, its presentation is crucial. With elegant and multipurpose themes, the Ghost interface is eye-catching for the readers and enhances their reading experience, making them stay longer on the website. Which is advantageous for bloggers.

This not only takes the extra burden off their (bloggers’) shoulders but also makes the writing process swifter and smoother. Apart from that the content creators also have the option to schedule publishing to whatever time or date they deem suitable.

Moreover, you have the choice to program and customize their Ghost web pages in any way they want with the use of programming languages such as Javascript and Python.

#3. Ghost Is Notably User Friendly!

None of us have the time to navigate through difficult to decipher websites, with apparently flashy interfaces that make us feel dumb for no reason. To keep you from scratching your head as you see an abundance of features you don’t know what to do with, the makers of Ghost have put together an easy to use, a simplistic platform.

Moreover, the availability of tags in the interface allows the user to categorize and structure their text just the way they want, making the creating and editing process much more flexible.

The theory behind this design structure is called headless CMS, which basically is a new idea in tech. It believes in providing the users with a choice that what they need in their workspace, instead of cluttering it with innumerable options all the time.

It also allows the users to create and send out newsletters as well as, quick sharing of the written contents on various social media sites i.e Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. to send social signals to the site.

#4. Ghost With Built-In SEO

You can’t talk about blogging without mentioning SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As if writing in itself isn’t hectic enough, it’s crucial for bloggers to do SEO of their blog posts.

What is SEO you might ask? Well, as a huge majority of people search what they are looking for through search engines, the articles that show up in the top positions in the search results get the click, and earn the time of the reader.

Statistics show that if your article doesn’t stand on SERP (Search Engine Search Page), chances are very low it get any site traffic, even if it includes everything the reader is looking for.

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Get the following book to master SEO and rank your website in 3 months.

Search engine optimization basically includes the use of techniques to improve the ranking of your website in the search results.

SEO is way different in Ghost than that of WordPress…

To serve SEO, platforms like WordPress offer third party plug-ins, while Ghost has simplified the task altogether with its built-in SEO that makes it easier for you to increase the visibility of your blogs while saving you any extra hassle.

#5. Embedding Has Never Been So Easy!

Are you someone who likes to do a thorough job by including videos, images, and graphs to support your arguments and lift the blog interaction?

Well, then the integration features offered by Ghost are exciting. Now you can’t only incorporate your site with useful tools, i.e images, Google Analytics, YouTube videos, emails but also you can make changes and customize them to create a more reliable source for your readers and enrich their reading experience.

This exciting feature by Ghost helps bloggers make their blog sites more engaging and eventually retain more traffic!

#6. Impressively Secure

One thing that comes to mind before starting an online business is the fear of cyber-breach. While there are very few platforms to have done anything about this aspect. Ghost has you covered here too with its strict security likening to any industry. Weaponized by SSL certification, firewalls, and isolated applications, the Ghost security system protects your business against most cyber attacks.

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#7. The Premium Hosting Service Provides Top-Notch Business Management Services

Ghost is free of cost for everyone, though it needs frequent maintenance which might require some of your time. Instead of doing it on your own, you can choose the premium plan of Ghost, and get these services done by top-notch professionals of the Ghost team, who will ensure the job is done impeccably without draining your pocket much.


This is the summary of my experience of using the Ghost Blogging Platform. I included 7 most important factors that anybody willing to adopt Ghost for blogging would like to know. However, I might be missing something, you can help me by answering the following question.

What are the mistakes in this article, what you think can improve it?

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