How to Create a Travel Blog with WordPress 4 Easy Steps

How to Create a Travel Blog with WordPress: 4 Easy Steps

I assume that you are a traveling geek or a blogging enthusiast who just wants to step into travel blogging and wanna create a travel blog with WordPress. I split my experience of creating a big number of blogs into 4 Easy Steps so that you could easily learn how to create a travel blog with WordPress.

Before we proceed to those steps I would guide you on picking the right WordPress. There are two types of WordPress, one is hosted and the other is self-hosted. I would highly recommend you to go with self-hosted WordPress accessible at

Why Self-hosted over Hosted WordPress? vs 
how to create a travel blog with wordpress
Self-hosted vs. Hosted WordPress

Well, I have a complete article on this topic you can read for detailed insight. However, in short, a self-hosted website gives you complete ownership, a huge level of customization (you can install any theme), flexibility, an enormous number of features, and so on. You can turn a self-hosted blog into a brand.

While, on the other hand, hosted WordPress restricts you to an un-customizable layout that resembles many other websites and you get very fewer features. It’s more like a ‘text editor’ rather than a blogging platform. So, choose self-hosted WordPress at

Step 1: Picking a Domain Name

Now, after deciding on the host type, the time is for picking up a domain name that best suits you. Every blogger chooses a domain name as per their desire as I did choose

I recommend you pick a domain name that depicts your website niche. Like you are gonna create a travel blog, your domain should include the word “travel” in it. “Travel” would be a part and the rest of the name could be whatever you like.

domain name structure
how to create a travel blog with wordpress

You can check for the availability of the domain on several sites such as,, Different companies charge different prices, so, check these 3 and buy what suits your pocket.

If you want to target a global audience with your website then choose “.com” domain extension, or if want to target a specific country only then choose country level domain extension, like .us, .uk. etc.

Step 2: Purchasing Hosting

After buying the domain, you need a host to park it on. You can purchase the hosting from the company you used to purchase the domain. It is easy to set up the if domain and hosting are parked at one host. Hosting companies usually offer 3 plans, with more money they offer more bandwidth.

Advice for you is to buy the starter plan as you are at the beginning stage and switch to bigger plans as your travel blog starts getting a handsome amount of traffic.

How to Create a Travel Blog with WordPress hosting plans
An Example of Hosting Plans

When you are done with domain and hosting, the selling company will give you a cPanel (control panel). You need to click on it and install WordPress. It will take a few seconds and your website would be ready to install a theme and customize.

Step 3: Selecting a Travel Theme

Now, the time is for choosing an elegant travel WordPress theme. A theme is likewise significant with the goal that your website is outwardly appealing and ideal to use. A decent theme will likewise be optimized for mobile, desktop, and tablets and will give bunches of customization choices to turn it as per you want.

Inside the WordPress theme module, are bunches of free and paid themes for you to look over, or you can go on a website like Envato and buy different themes.

How to Create a Travel Blog with WordPress travel themes
Some free Travel themes by WordPress

Step 4: Choosing Right Plugins

Plugins are apps in WordPress to integrate the features you want. Themes have an extensive number of front-end features still you would need some peculiarities which can be achieved by plugins. Most plugins come in free and paid versions, however, free versions are sufficient for starting bloggers.

At choosing which plugins to install you should check the reviews and the rating. Check when the plugin was last updated. If a plugin was updated 3 years back it means it is not fully informed regarding any new security features in the most recent WordPress update. Just as taking a gander at the data accessible on the plugin page I additionally look online for reviews.

You can easily install and activate a plugin from WordPress “Plugin” option. I recommend these must-have plugins that’ll help in the success of your travel blog.

  • RankMath SEO – The best SEO plugin that will help you write great content for your blog
  • Wordfence – For the security of the website
  • Jetpack – For awesome stats and other great features
  • Instagram Feed – Helps in adding social feeds to your blog
  • Really Simple SSL – To easily and quickly add SSL configurations to your WordPress site

Other useful tips…

Writing the first article

Writing the first article on your website is very exciting thing. There are two types of bloggers 1. who do blogging to make money 2. who do blogging because they love doing it.

Type 1 does keyword research, extracts a bundle of keywords with average search volume and a good cost per click (CPC). Type 2 starts writing an article as an idea pops up in their mind. I prefer keeping a balance between these two. You must write on the topic that just clicked your mind but align it with a good search volume and CPC keyword.

Let’s say you got an idea that you should write about creating a travel blog with WordPress, at this point go to your browser add an extension Keyword Surfer then put in this idea in the browser’s search bar. It will show those two metrics “Search volume” and “CPC” in the search bar. Try some variations of the keyword until you get one with the potential of being fruitful for example “how to create a travel blog with WordPress”.

SEO of the Website

SEO Search Engine Optimization is necessary to get your website searched. If it appears against users’ queries then it is going to be successful. With RankMath plugin, you can do SEO of website pages and each post when you write it. Visit their blog to learn about RankMath configuration and use.

Creating Email List

One of the top suggestions from the top bloggers is to fabricate a mailing list and to do this from the beginning phases of your blog. There are countless mail list suppliers accessible however I chose to go with MailChimp.

The explanation I went with them is that they give a free package, which is flawless when you begin and are building your list. When your mail list develops to more than 2000 subscribers you will at that point need to pay for a greater package.

MailChimp likewise makes your life simpler when composing the emails, as it has a drag and drops visual type editor which spares a great deal of time and gives loads of other uses.

Setting up Analytics and Search Console

These two are Google products. Analytics is for watching exact viewers and stats of your website from any source. While Search console shows traffic coming to your website from search engines. When you are done creating your website, must integrate it with the search console.

This document from Google explains how to configure search console for analytics.

Social Media Sharing

  • Create a page on Facebook
  • Account on Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • Reddit

Attach your travel blog to these accounts and share every post on them. It is crucial to get viewers and as frequently you start getting viewers your travel blog would rank in search results too.


I believe this article has answered your question “How to Create a Travel Blog with WordPress”; if you are confused about anything or wanna know a specific thing about blogging and WordPress, do comment. We would answer your problem.

In case you want to know about Travel Blogs other than WordPress than our list of 14 Top Travel Blog Platforms is helpful for you.

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