Google AdSense Approval - How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners?

How I got Google AdSense Approval on my Site with Just 10 Articles

So, I recently got Google AdSense approval on my website. Friends were curious that how I got it, so, I decided to pen down my story of Adsense approval.

It all started when I decided to step into the blogging field, I have been seeing my people selling Adsense like “UK Adsense for sale”, “USA Adsense for sale” blaa blaa blaa. Even at the very beginning, I knew that AdSense is not something that vendors sell, it’s a monetization method owned by Google and only they can allow it.

However, I was keen on going smoothly and honestly. I first read Adsense criteria thoroughly, it has clearly defined the goals which after accomplishment make you able to get Adsense on your website. 

You can read those requirements at Eligibility Requirements for AdSense. If you are interested in earning through this payment stream, my advice is that never hurry about getting it. Rather you should first read and understand Adsense’s Program Policies and Terms & Conditions. Then start the blogging and your main intent should be gaining the more and more legal traffic instead of monetization.

Now, My Story

I created my website in July 2019, it was primarily a portfolio website. I was always fond of blogging too. At that time I was just concerned if “Adsense works on portfolio websites” a little research answered me with “Yes”.

I then created the website using WordPress, I made homepage as a service representing, portfolio, as well as a landing page. You can see that on my homepage. Other pages were/are services, about us, contact us, and Blog. 

Blogging is actually a portion of my site. I am a guy who learned SEO on Youtube only, I did the keyword research (on free tools) extracted a few keywords, and started writing blogs.

Keep in eyes that I am a content writer on Fiverr, I wrote all the blogs myself. It was immensely surprising that within a week one of my blogs ranked on page number 1 of Google. 

Long story short, as a total I have written 10 blogs (all unique and value-added) then signed up for Adsense. I followed all the requirements given by them thus I was dead sure that I would easily get it approved. But…

I was served with an annoying ‘error’ 

how to get google adsense approval

The problem was that this error did not tell what I actually have to do or what exactly is the issue on the website. However, I worked on Speed of the site, make it 90+ on desktop version though it is still under 70 on mobile devices. 

Important: A very significant thing about my website is that it has zero copyrighted images or content. All the images I use are royalty-free and the content is unique. 

After increasing the website speed, I did click on “I confirm I’ve fixed the policy values on” and submitted it. Within the next 24 hours, I received an email that AdSense has been approved on your site, you can start earning. 

how to get google adsense approval
tips and tricks of getting adsense approval


Never in my journey I ever tried to create stupid backlinks for my site. So, this wite got Adsense without any backlinks. I believe in organic links that comes when people share your articles after reading them.

Social Sharing

Social sharing is a great thing, you should have a presence on all major social sites. Remember to claim your website at those sites. I advise you to copy a snippet and paste on all your social media accounts with the link to every new post you write.

These social platforms are your must-have:

  • Facebook Page
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Twitter

Sharing the link on WhatsApp status and groups is also a good way to earn viewers. Instagram is, however, not helpful as it does not allow links in posts.

Conclusion – Google AdSense Approval

Hence, concluding the process in a few lines, you need the following things for Google Adsense Approval

  1. A website
  2. Few articles (minimum 10)
  3. All articles with unique content
  4. Royalty-free images
  5. On-page SEO of pages and each post
  6. Good website speed (80+ on GTMetrix)

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