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How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer on Fiverr in 2021?

In this blog, you will learn how to make money as a freelance writer on Fiverr. Explained to you by an experienced Fiverr content writer.

We live in a competitive world, where everyone wants to fulfill needs by devising their ways. You may earn money in many ways, but the Internet is now becoming one of the most significant sources. There are many scammers on the Internet too. So, finding an appropriate platform can be challenging. Fiverr is the best platform with no scammers at all.

Know your skills

Before choosing anything as your profession, know your skills and interest. You may go for anything you want but make sure that your level of proficiency is expert. This article will focus on content writing on Fiverr, and why you should choose content writing as a profession. We will tell you about some of the skills you must know before going on Fiverr.

Suppose you do not know what skills you have or you are not sure what to do. We suggest you pick content writing as a profession and dig into the freelance industry.

Content Writing

Content writing does not require doing a paid course or mastering it when you are at a beginner level. You have to focus on your grammar and sentence structure and understand the importance of flow in a piece of writing. Moreover, your work should be plagiarism-free, don’t steal others’ content, use your own creativity.

Advice: Learn On-page SEO and implement it into your write-ups. It adds great value to your clients’ business and ultimately returns you more business. This article by Ahrefs is a great guide on On-page SEO.

Can anyone become a content writer?

You wouldn’t be a great content writer if you are not creative enough. You have to prolong readers’ interest in your content. Moreover, you must have a grip on the language. Content writers usually write in one or two specific niches given that their specialties, however, there are versatile writers too.

The most popular content writing niches are:

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How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer, Fashion niche


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Top Best Blogging Niches in 2021 new


Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is now becoming a popular source of earning. According to a recent survey by Payoneer, about 23000 freelance writers working on Fiverr were asked about their income. And the result showed that an average freelance writer can earn up to $31 per hour. You can learn and achieve both from freelance writing. Suppose you are a history student, and you pick up the niche of history. You will know more about different topics and also earn your livelihood through it. Many platforms provide you with work. But we will tell you how to make money as a freelance writer using Fiverr.

I will tell you about MY SUCCESS STORY. I am a history student, and I am a creative writer since my childhood. I was not sure how to start content writing as a beginner. Some of my friends suggested me to do online writing tasks. After 2-3 months, my teacher advised me to shift on Fiverr. I immediately made an account and started working on Fiverr after 4 days.

Difference between earning through other platforms and earning through Fiverr

Whenever somebody asks me how to make money as a freelance writer, I suggest them to work on Fiverr. There are many benefits and reasons that you should start working on Fiverr.

  1. Fiverr is an original platform. So, you won’t be scammed.
  2. You will get paid for what you deserve.
  3. You can work on different notches.
  4. By using Fiverr as a platform, you will learn a lot because there are courses that Fiverr offers.

Getting started on Fiverr

Getting started with content writing on Fiverr is tranquil. You have to make an account with your correct information. The next thing is making gigs. Gigs are everything on Fiverr. Suppose you have a bakery. So, you will display your cakes and food items on the counter to attract the customers. The same goes for the Fiverr. You have to make gigs to tell the clients about your expertise.

Content writing gig description on Fiverr

The important thing is content writing gig description; make sure that you have written a gig description that attracts clients. After making gigs, you are all set to earn on Fiverr. You may also check buyers’ requests to look for your desired buyers. Buyer requests are from those buyers who want their work done and are searching for perfect freelancers on Fiverr. You may take examples from real life like the companies announced that they want employees by advertising the jobs and choose the best person as an employee. Similarly, the buyers on Fiverr choose the desired seller on Fiverr by buyer requests.  

You might want to have Ads displayed on your blog, this article tells how to approve Google AdSense on your site.

Everyone asks me a few questions about how I succeeded as a content writer on Fiverr. Below answers to the frequently asked questions apparently make you clear about how to make money as a freelance writer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Content Writing on Fiverr

Can You Make A Living On Fiverr?

There are two categories of freelancers. One who chooses freelancing as a permanent profession, and the others that do it as a part-time job. It totally depends on you. The more you work, the more you earn. You can quickly fulfill your daily needs by using Fiverr. You can improve your skills gradually and learn new things to add to your work. As a result, you will earn enough money to fulfill your daily needs. Many people earn $$$$ on Fiverr.

Is Fiverr Good For Writers?

Fiverr is best for those writers who have gained a lot of experience. But it can be best for you if you are a beginner. You will get in touch with different clients throughout the world, and you will gain good experience. It is much better than other freelancing platforms as you will find work easily according to your level. You will only need skills that most of the buyers want.  

How Do You Become A Writer On Fiverr?

If you want to become a professional writer, first, you have to practice a lot. Right after practice, you can sign up for Fiverr. After signing up, you must make gigs according to your expert level. You have to make your gig appealing. Moreover, you can share your sample as a PDF or make a video of your work, or create images, and upload them to the gig. Make sure that there is no watermark on the video, picture, or PDF you upload. As soon as you get your first order, try to deliver on time, and provide quality work.

How Much Should I Charge For A 500-Word Article On Fiverr?

There are different rates. The buyer will charge you by your skills and your expert level. You can charge according to your words, or you may charge according to the hourly rate. Those writers that are high in demand even charge 55$ for 500 words. But as a beginner, we suggest you be more humble and more honest with yourself. Before charging, ask yourself how much you will pay yourself if you were the buyer. The per-word rate in different countries varies upon their currencies. In the UK, writers charge £0.02 to £0.30 per word. In the USA, writers charge from 10 cents to 1$ per word.

Is Content Writing A Good Career?

Choosing content writing as a freelancer can be an auspicious career. All you have to do is stay motivated and be honest with your work. If you provide 100%, you can easily get your desired rate. You can choose content writing as a career if you are a creative person and can write easily on anything. Many content writers earn a lot through Fiverr by writing good and quality content. A scale shows that most of the beginners even earn 100 dollars per day easily if they provide quality work.

Is Content Writing In Demand?

Everything is now converting digital. Soon every business will be online. So, if you want to rank your business, you have to write a lot about your products and services. For this, you will need a content writer. Moreover, social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., need content writers to make their content appealing. Due to online systems, content writing is becoming highly in demand and the most profitable profession.

Is Fiverr Profitable?

You may hear from many people that Fiverr is not profitable because it cuts charges and taxes. But you can turn Fiverr into a promising platform and a source of income for you. Suppose you have a shop. You have to pay rents, taxes, and other security charges to run the shop. Fiverr is like an online mall where you can earn by creating your shop called your personal account.

Easy Ways to make money on Fiverr

If you know the basics of content writing you can start working on Fiverr. It is not that difficult. Right after signing up, get down to basics, and edit your profile. After editing your profile, check the top sellers related to your field. You can take the gig ideas from their gigs. Set appropriate delivery time of gigs, and it must be optimized. Try to make your profile attractive by adding images related to your field. Have patience, and you will get work within a few days.

Moreover, you can also promote your gigs by sharing them with people around the globe. You may check social media groups related to freelancing and share your gig with the people who want work from you.

Multitasking platform

Fiverr is a multitasking platform. You can make all gigs on content writing or make 7 different gigs depending on your skills. You can be a personal stylist and a content writer at the same time.

Many freelancers are developers and writers at the same time. Moreover, you can make a team of freelance writers all by yourself, and you can take big writing projects from Fiverr. Further, you may divide the project and give tasks to each writer.

COVID Situations

The question that arrived in lockdown situations among people was how to make money as a freelancer. You can easily make money all by doing hard work. Many businesses shifted online because of lockdown situations. So, in these conditions, you may think of earning online by some open platforms.

As more and more people are now starting an online business, there is a golden chance for you to earn and make money for yourself. Almost everyone knows how to write, but not everyone can provide quality work. You can show your skills by creating your live portfolio. So, if you want to have honest buyers and the ones who really need work to be done, we suggest you make an account on Fiverr as soon as possible.

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Books on Content Writing

These inexpensive books are very helpful in starting a content writing career and pave your way to success.

Why I suggest Fiverr to beginners like you

Sometimes you work really hard and do not get anything in return. If you want to earn and get honest buyers, we suggest you to start working on Fiverr. Suppose you do not have skills like graphic designing or coding etc. You can be a content writer. For being a content writer, you must know how to write. You must develop the best writing skills. I was a creative writer since my childhood. I used my writing skills, and now I have learned new skills needed to be a freelance writer. You must learn essential content writing skills like keyword research, SEO Optimization, and making readability score good.

You will face criticism and demotivation if you choose Fiverr as an earning platform. Because many people think that online earning is not the best. You can choose content writing as your career by making long term decisions. Moreover, you can shift your own business online and write quality content for your website. You can then use your blogs as a sample and a live portfolio.

Fiverr will turn into your live portfolio after you get at least five 5 star reviews. The buyers will be attracted to you, and you will get enough work on content writing.

Wrapping up

Some people hesitate in adopting new changes, so we suggest you listen to yourself. Everything is now on the Internet, after a few years, you will hardly find any business that is not on the Internet. So, you must learn new skills that require the Internet. In addition to content writing, you must know about digital marketing and E-commerce. It is best for you if you want to promote yourself as a content writer.

Moreover, many clients on Fiverr want their content to be promoted. You must know the tips and tricks to promote the content and help your clients gain more profit. In this way, the clients will leave the best reviews for you, and you will become a senior seller on Fiverr.

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