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MODx Vs WordPress: Is MODX better than WordPress?

MODX Vs WordPress a battle of CMSs aka Website Builders. Both CMSs have their merits and demerits, a comprehensive analysis tells that they serve slightly different types of the userbase. I work with both MODX and WordPress extensively and this is how I see it:

MODX Vs WordPress: The biggest difference between MODX and WordPress is that MODX can be easily edited and extended for adding custom features but WordPress’s PHP framework is highly complex and covered ultimately difficult to add custom features.

Moreover, WordPress is good for less-technical purposes such as creating a blog, portfolio, or a lead generating site. While MODX is great for creating technical websites where your developer would be adding new custom features as per your needs.

In a one-liner answer, MODX is a great fit for web developers and WordPress is a great fit for web designers. (that are not good at coding.)

Both CMSs have their merits and demerits, a comprehensive analysis tells that they serve slightly different types of the userbase. I work with both MODX and WordPress extensively and this is how I see it:

What is WordPress?

WordPress is good for sites on a low budget, which have to be thrown together quickly. Pick one of the thousands of templates out there, add the plugins, do some customization here and there, fill in the content and you’re done. It is very easy to build a site on WordPress, even the worst shared host will support it and people like the back-end for some reason. But the WordPress sites are especially targeted by hackers due to the large market share of the platform.

modx vs wordpress

On top of it, WordPress has a bad reputation when it comes to security. They seem to have improved a lot over the years, but it sticks to them. Today, most security risks are coming from plugins, which are badly coded and/or haven’t been updated over the years (though it’s very rare as 99% of plugins keep updating every week). I found PHP mixed inside of HTML everywhere in templates, the last time I worked on a WordPress project. This turns my stomach. There is no real template engine in WordPress.

What is MODX?

MODX is for sites with higher requirements on security and performance. It offers a framework where you can easily integrate custom code in a clean way and comes with controllable server-side caching out of the box. MODX really shines when it comes to large highly customized projects for customers, which have the budget for it. Generally, MODX is very well thought out and extremely flexible.

modx vs wordpress

There are practically no limits. You can do plenty of customization without installing piles of plugins (which may introduce security risks) for everything. No need to install a plugin to manage SEO and social media data. You can set it upright in your template variables. MODX comes with a templating engine, which keeps the HTML entirely free of PHP code. A complete guide on building dynamic websites with the MODX content management platform can be downloaded here.

If we talk about ease of use then WordPress is easy for non-technical people while a tough gear for developers because it is difficult to break into its code and do desired amendments. On the other hand, MODX is difficult for a non-techie but comfortable for developers because it gives full control over code components.

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We decide on a CMS on the basis of some criteria like a. Ease of Use, b. Customizability, and c. Price. Let’s do MODx vs WordPress analysis based on these criteria.

Modx vs WordPress

1. Ease of Use

When posing the inquiry, “Which CMS is easier to use?”, actually the question should be “Easier to use for whom?” Non-technical individuals can without much of a stretch pick a WordPress theme, install it, and make minor customizations to design the website. But MODx is not that simple.

There is no doubt in our brain that in the event that you are not a web engineer and you need to assemble a blog or a standard pamphlet product site, WordPress is an incredible asset. You can be fully operational with WordPress in minutes.

There is some discussion about the usability of both WordPress and MODX, however, while WordPress’ work process is standard and simple to use for bloggers, MODX is favored for building up custom work processes, and the user interface is a basic PC-like archive menu tree that customers feel simple and instinctive to use.

2. Customizability

The vast majority of our customers need a web designer to assist them in building their websites. a large portion of them come to us thinking they need something beyond a blog webpage or a “norm” organization site. To put it plainly, the customer ought not so much consideration which CMS they use, as long as it’s easy for them to make refreshes.

Our software engineers are uncommonly prepared in PHP and MODX, and we have discovered that MODX is equipped for supporting practically any sort of site you could envision.

WordPress has an immense network of developers who have filled the WordPress plugin repository with plugins to fit practically any conceivable need – truth be told, there are different plugins for practically any need, and it’s dependent upon developers to conclude which to use wherein cases and to test them for generally known security vulnerabilities.

A significant number of the plugins in the WordPress repository are just useful to a modest number of individuals or because they have been gravely coded and planned. MODX additionally depends on plugins and additional items created by its locale, and proficient software engineers can add new plugins to the MODX library as they are created.

3. Security

MODx developers usually claim that MODx websites have less been hacked but the reality is there are fewer websites made on MODx than WordPress. Thus, with a huge number of websites, WordPress is a victim of more successful attacks. Talking about security both are equal unless some WordPress plugin exposes to the attackers. So, badly coded plugins make WordPress a step-less secure than MODx.

4. Price

Both are open-source free CMSs. But the developers cost to develop a site. As WordPress developers are in excess that’s you can hire a WordPress developer at less price. They usually cost between $200 to $500. MODx is a less used and complicated CMS that has expensive developers.

MODX vs WordPress

Which is better for an agency MODX vs WordPress?

Which of these two CMS is better comes down to how you run your agency. If you target one-time customers with small low budget projects, who do not care much about security, go with WordPress. If you prefer having long-standing relationships with top-paying customers, which need customization, and have a set of security requirements, MODx is the better choice.

MODX Templates (Free MODX Templates)

There are hundreds of thousands of Professional, Responsive MODx Templates and themes to build up your sites. You will get the fantastic user experience by a large number of MODx templates available on ThemeForest and MdxThemes. Exceptionally adaptable structures make your site work impeccably with any innovations, offering you a variety of features, and leveraging the functionality of your website.

modx templates modx free templates modx vs wordpress
MODX Templates

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