6 Best Paid Blogging Sites To Make Money Online

6 Best Paid Blogging Sites To Make Money In 2020

In this article, you'll learn about the best paid blogging sites to start your blogging career. As an experienced blogger, I'll guide you on what blogging site you should choose as a beginner blogger.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best paid blogging sites to start your blogging career. As an experienced blogger, I’ll guide you on what blogging site you should choose as a beginner blogger.

Did you notice, I wrote the “Paid” blogging sites? Yes, it is because the investment brings more benefits. Paid blogging sites provide loads of features, they are very reliable, long-lasting, customizable, and future-oriented as compared to free sites.

Blogging is the most entertaining and highly profitable profession. Ask any blogger, I bet they’ll say that they started blogging as fun and still love it. Blogging is a boss-free job; learn to create a blog and start your business.

A few words before starting

All the blogging platforms reviewed in this article need no coding. You can set up a complete blog in a few minutes after reading this article. Here’s a contact link to our Blog Developer, who can help you create a blog for you if you feel difficulty by doing on your own.

Let’s get started!

6 Best Paid Blogging Sites


paid blogging sites

WordPress.org or WordPress is the provenly number 1 blogging site. According to W3Techs, WordPress powers 35% of all the websites on the Internet. The website you’re this article is also built on WordPress.

WordPress is immensely customizable and loaded with a huge number of functionalities. You can completely implement your blog idea with it. Before installing WP, you need to have a domain and hosting. There are several hosting and domain providers such as namecheap.com, bluehost.com or HostGator.com, these all three are experienced by me on several blogs and they are really reliable providers. BlueHost provides a free domain with a purchased hosting, so, it is good for you. They charge $2.95/mo.

Pros of WordPress (WordPress Blogging)

  • Customization: WordPress.org gives you power over each part of your website. You can easily edit any part of your website and make it according to your desire.
  • Scalability: You can develop your blog and enhance it any time by including additional features like discussions, online stores, paid enrollment, etc. This makes WordPress the best blogging site to make money.
  • Stunning Themes: There are a large number of free themes accessible to WordPress. This permits you to make a lovely website that stands separated from the group.
  • Free Plugins: You likewise get access to almost 54,000 free plugins. These plugins are like applications for your WordPress blog that permit you to include features like contact forms, SEO, landing form, analytics, page customization, and so on. There is a WP plugin for every feature you need to have on your website.
  • SEO: WordPress is a web indexing friendly. You can undoubtedly make SEO enriched URLs, categories, and titles for your posts with an SEO plugin like Yoast or RankMath. These plugins help you achieving each aspect of SEO in your article.

Cons of WordPress (WordPress Blogging)

  • Hard-to-use: Since WordPress is a comprehensive CMS it is slightly difficult for a complete beginner to learn and use it, but being an experienced WordPress designer I would say, you can fully learn WordPress within a couple of weeks by watching some tutorials on YouTube.
  • Designing-Approach: Since it’s a big CMS, unlike other blogging sites you need to sketch a plan on paper about what design you want and then setting the WordPress blog according to that. Other blogging sites are less customizable so you’re restricted to attain what they have designed for you.

Note: Do not confuse WordPress.org with WordPress.com always go with WordPress.org.


paid blogging sites

Blogger is the second-best paid blogging sites. It is the oldest platform that started in 1999 and is owned by Google. Yes, it is Google’s own blogging site. Millions of people are using it because of its superiority in indexing in search engines.

This blogging site is likewise pre-hosted and gives you a free subdomain so your blog’s URL winds up looking something like myblog.blogspot.com, but this is a stupid thing, you must have a custom domain name for your blogging site. Get a domain from the already mentioned registrars and configure it with the Blogger. Tutorial: How to configure a custom domain to Blogger? This way you can save the hosting charges.

Dissimilar to present-day blogging sites, Blogger is somewhat obsolete however it’s still simple, to begin with. With Blogger, you get a standard template editor and you can locate some free templates too to introduce to your blog website. It doesn’t offer a ton of adaptability in designing terms but it is fair enough to provide you a stunning blog.

Pros of Blogger.com

  • Owned by Google: The biggest reason I would suggest someone going with the Blogger.com is it’s being owned by Google. As Google is the most-used search engine so, it uses monopoly and gives the advantage to the websites created on Blogger.com.
  • Ranking/SEO: Again because of Google, the Blogger websites get more traffic as they rank faster than the websites build on other blogging sites.
  • AdSense: If your blog fulfills the requirements of getting ads on it then it is more likely it will get early AdSense approval if it basis on Blogger.com.

Cons of Blogger.com

  • Less Customization: Unlike WordPress, the blogger has very limited customization to offer. You have to go with their pre-made templates with slight editing. Though there’s a great variety in blog templates, however, you cannot alter them to your desired design.
  • Fewer Features: Blogger is a pure blogging site thus it has way fewer features than that of WordPress. You can’t add SEO plugin, membership forms, e-commerce functionality.
  • Customer Support: Like all other Google products Blogger also does not have customer support. They have a forum where you can post your queries and get solutions from random users.


paid blogging sites

Squarespace is a completely managed, hosted, and paid blogging site that lets you make a practical blog with custom domain beginning at $16/month. This blogging site accompanies a wide scope of professional themes/templates that you can install on your blog. I place it at number 3 of my paid blogging sites list.

With Squarespace, you’re not able to add propelled features and usefulness to your site in the form of official plugins however you can discover third-party offering Squarespace additional items. Moreover, it has a very limited number of additional integrations and allows creating only 2 authors to the blog. Also, on the off chance that you join with the $16 every month Personal package, you will not be able to earn money through ads. In short, Squarespace does not provide monetization in a $16/mo package.

Pros of Squarespace (for Blogging)

  • Templates: Squarespace offers over 100 stunning templates, specially built for different kinds of blogs. They have amazing templates range for portfolio and blogging. With an option ‘Site Styles’ it offers the great capability of customization. A detailed article on Squarespace Templates.
  • Easy-to-use: According to my personal experience, I would say that Squarespace is very easy-to-use even for an absolute beginner. You can comfortably understand its interface and make an incredible blog.
  • Great UI: Its templates offer very professional and modern user experience. Even the template customization is very easy. You can create a website with drag and drop elements.
  • Support: Squarespace offers live chat facility, they even help you with screenshots in solving your problem.

Cons of Squarespace (for Blogging)

  • Poor Cookie Consent: GDPR compliance is poor in the area of cookie consent — you’ll need to do quite a bit of work and/or invest in a third-party tool to make your site compliant.
  • No Autosave: There’s no autosave for pages and posts. This is a huge setback for a blogging site.
  • Less Customization: Squarespace also lacks in offering great customization in contrast to WordPress, however, for blogging, it is fair enough.


paid blogging sites

Wix comes at number 4 in my paid blogging sites list because of its stunning growth, extensive customer care, and an increasing number of features.

Wix is fundamentally a website builder that can likewise be utilized for creating a completely useful blog. With Wix’s free package, you can look over various pre-planned layouts to set up your blog, however, it will, in any case, be on a Wix subdomain for example myblog.wix.com. Again a stupid thing, I will repeat the advice of having a custom domain. It is easier in Wix than Blogger to configure your domain.

Moving up to their paid plan will interfere with you $4.50 every month and you’ll get more data transfer capacity however your blog will even now show Wix brand promotions. In the event that you’d prefer to expel the promotions from your blog, at that point you’ll need to go for the $8.50 every month plan. After this, you can make money online by monetizing it. Wix also gives a free logo making service.

Pros of Wix (for Blogging)

  • Huge Template Collection: Wix also has an enormous number of stunning templates; pick one and create a stunning blog.
  • Drag & Drop: Wix lets you create a stunning website (blog) by dragging and dropping the desired elements.
  • Ease-of-use: Wix is very easy in terms of usage, you can easily create a blog on Wix.
  • Highly Customizable: Like WordPress, Wix is also massively customizable.
  • Customer Support: Wix is diligent in listening to customers’ issues and fixing them.
  • Extra Features: to entertain extra functionality on your blog site you can use Wix App Market and download plugins.

Cons of Wix (for Blogging)

  • Expensive: The Wix starter plan doesn’t remove their ads from your site. Making it look like a rented website. You need to buy a bigger plan thus Wix is a costly paid blogging site.
  • No unlimited plans: Wix doesn’t allow to have unlimited bandwidth or storage on any plan, so, if you start getting a big number of visitors, the Wix site will fail.
  • Inefficient App store: Installing the plugins from the Wix app store is very techie, thus does not suitable for a beginner.
  • Hard to SEO: Wix neither has a plugin system nor a built-in interface to do SEO of blog posts and pages. This thing makes it useless for a blogging enthusiast.

Read a review of the travel blogging sites.


paid blogging sites

Despite the fact that Tumblr at first began as a smaller scale blogging site, it’s picked up footing throughout the years and has transformed into an informal community/blogging platform. It’s easy to use utilization approach makes it staggeringly mainstream among content makers and managers who distribute media content like NSFW pictures, GIFs, and images.

At the point when you connect with Tumblr, you get a free subdomain that will make your blog’s URL look something like myblog.tumblr.com. Like all upper mentioned blogging sites, you need to buy a domain name to create a fully functional website on Tumblr.

Tumblr is a pre-hosted arrangement which implies that you won’t need to buy hosting for your blog. What’s more, when you get your blog going, you’ll have the option to pick from a predetermined number of free themes to customize it. You can adapt your Tumblr blog any way you need and even run promotions, (for example, Google AdSense) on it.

Pros of Tumblr (for Blogging)

  • Ease-of-use: Using Tumblr is as easy as Facebook. You can easily use it like any social media website.
  • SEO: Using Tumblr can improve your SEO because it is ranked in search engines. Since loads of people share on Tumblr you have the potential to attract an abundance of traffic your way.
  • Media-enriched: You can post tons of different stuff on Tumblr, in addition to blogs, such as videos, links, and images.
  • Analytics: Tumblr allows you to track your site progress with Analytics tools.

Cons of Tumblr (for Blogging)

  • Not a fully owned website: No doubt, you can use Tumblr for blogging but it would never be your personal website. As it will always rely on Tumblr’s policies and updates. I would never recommend Tumblr for blogging.
  • Anonymity: It gives insurance to users that need to openly voice conclusions without repercussions. Nonetheless, secrecy can likewise secure trolls and different malevolent users that point just to assault and advance the scornful discourse. Because of Tumblr’s unknown message framework, mysterious users can send bloggers, detest mail and threats with no responsibility.
  • Domain-Based Hosting: Tumblr expects you to utilize the Tumblr platform and servers to host your blog. WordPress, Blogger, and different stages give options to hosting a blog utilizing the software on your own site, permitting more noteworthy command over the up-time and content transferred to the blog and spared inside reinforcement files.


paid blogging sites

TypePad is at last in my paid blogging sites review that you can begin with for $8.95 every month. Despite the fact that TypePad’s use numbers are dropping, the platform despite everything keeps up similar features and the equivalent apparently obsolete formats.

With TypePad, you’ll have the option to add your own domain to your blog website. This means you’ll have to enlist a domain name vault first and afterward, you can associate it with your TypePad blog. You can adapt your Typepad blog by running advertisements (like Google AdSense) or through offshoot programs. The platform is unbelievably simple to-utilize, notwithstanding, its customization choices are constrained.

Pros of Typepad

  • Easy-to-use: An interface that is easy to use and comprehend. The TypePad user interface is instinctive to create.
  • The capacity to include scripts: This permits you to include or insert basically any attractive gadget you need since most gadgets are scripted. This implies TypePad can undoubtedly be incorporated with different services.
  • Ads: Since most advertisement content is scripted, with TypePad, you can fabricate a bring in cash blog or a member site, for example for amazon.com
  • High Customization: This is conceivable from The Plus level and up.
  • A heap of Templates: TypePad has some 200+ themes to browse and they continue including new themes constantly

Cons of Typepad

  • Fewer incorporated gadgets.: Despite the fact that the advantage of TypePad is that you can introduce any gadget you like, the drawback is that you have to chase for it yourself. A large number of these gadgets come in a free advertisement based and paid promotion free forms. That adds considerably more expenses to your Typepad blog.
  • Fewer Plugins: On a side note, as I would like to think, any blogging stage should accompany an incorporated inquiry structure, contact structure, and default Error 404 page. Just WordPress does that.
  • A predetermined number of blogs: If you need to make more than one blog, you have to get a Plus account. In the event that you need more than three, at that point, you need the Pro record.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blogging

Do bloggers make good money?u003cbru003e

Blogging is not a fixed-price salary-based occupation, graphs go up and down. You can earn thousands of dollars, it depends on your knowledge, understanding of SEO, value-added content, and your hardwork.

How do I get paid to blog?

After creating a blog, you get paid when you add a monetization method to it but after your articles start getting lots of organic traffic. Monetization includes Ads (AdSense) or Affiliate Marketing (writing reviews for Amazon products), etc.

Which site is best for blogging?

I would definitely recommend WordPress. It is mostly used paid blogging sites, extensively functional, with loads of features, and the choice of every successful blogger these days.

How long does it take to make money on a blog?

From your start, it takes 6 months to get indexed in search engines, then blog gradually starts getting authority, some of your articles get ranked on the first page of Google, hence you start making small money but after 12 months it becomes your full-time business. You need to keep adding content regularly.

How do I start my blog?

Decide what to blog about. Choose a blogging platform from the upper described. Choose a theme. Do little changes to make it unique. Create categories and start writing articles. Articles should be value-added and user friendly.

How do I start a blog with no money?

You can start a blog for free without a cutm domain and then switch it a cutom domain. Read this blog to learn about u003ca href=u0022https://ihasnain.com/best-blogging-platforms-to-make-money-2020-free-paid/u0022 class=u0022rank-math-linku0022u003efree blogging sitesu003c/au003e.


I have referenced and explained all top paid blogging sites to cure your blogging appetite. You can now effectively choose which platform is most appropriate for you. I will prescribe you beginning with WordPress if you feel trouble in making a blog I am beneath gluing the connections of some industrious blog site developers, contact them and talk about your task.

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