The 5 Best Self-Hosted Blogging Platforms & Sites

5 Best Self-Hosted Blogging Platforms & Sites In 2020

Do you want to start blogging and concerned about the right platform? This article explains 5 self-hosted blogging platforms, to help you choose the best for you.

Before you start, it is important to know what’s your motivation to create the blog. Is it simply something you want to do as fun? Or you have the plan to make money online blogging?

In case, you have the second option, you should definitely consider using a self-hosted blog rather than free blog sites. Indeed, it requires spending some money. You may even need some technical help to create a blog too. But, over the long haul, this would be a great investment that’ll return you 1000s of dollars.

Suppose, your blog started getting loads of traffic, now you can generate money, but the blog is on a free platform, it is now hard to transfer it to a self-hosted blog platform and keep on retaining the traffic too.

Hence, it is ideal, to begin with, a self-hosted blogging platform.

Note: All below-mentioned platforms are reliable but I will recommend you go with It is the most useful, stacked with an immense number of features, stylish, and simple to manage! 20% of all self-hosted websites are built on it.


The 5 Best Self-Hosted Blogging Platforms

1: WordPress

The 5 Best Self-Hosted Blogging Platforms  & Sites Compared

Very Beginner Friendly

WordPress is intended to be utilized by anybody, and that implies ANYONE. Regardless of whether you are a 60-year-old mother with zero blogging or CMS knowledge, or a 12-year-old needing to begin a blog on his hobby, WordPress gives great flexibility to start a blog.

WordPress doesn’t require any coding, whatever feature you need on your site, you can simply add a plugin and get that feature.

Templates and Plugins

One of the tremendous advantages of WordPress is that it has a vast variety of free themes/templates and plugins. There are themes that will suit any kind of blog, and each one is highly customizable. You can without much of a stretch install a theme and transform it into something totally unique as per your design plan.

The plugins are similarly as adaptable. Regardless of whether you need to embed your social media insights on the blog, wanna check analytics, wanna do SEO of the website/articles, want any additional feature, there are plugins available to choose. Read this guide to know more about what plugins you need.

SEO with WordPress

Let’s say you are creating a blog for making money blogging then definitely you would need it to be rankable in search engines. There are great plugins like Yoast and RankMath which assist you in optimizing your website and rock.

Check this link to know in-depth about the best travel blog platforms.

2: Ghost

The 5 Best Self-Hosted Blogging Platforms Sites Compared Ghost blogging platform

Like, Ghost is another well known self-hosted blogging platform. There are a few better places you can have your Ghost blog on, including Ghost Pro, which is the platform’s own hosting administration. Be that as it may, in case you discover the Ghost Pro arrangement excessively costly or not energizing enough, the platform gloats of helping you make the change to another, host (SiteGround, NameCheap, etc).

Ghost Interface

Ghost likewise has an energetic and rich article writing interface. You can try different things with the appearance of your blog in unique manners. Your capacity to modify your blog is extraordinary with Ghost, with adaptable labelling usefulness that permits you to separate your article/media into different categories.

Collaboration on Ghost

Ghost can likewise be an extraordinary team-worker as you can welcome colleagues to contribute and make changes to the site at the same time. Every part gets a devoted open client profile. The blogging platform is totally mobile-friendly.

3: Joomla

joomla best self-hosted blogging platforms

There are multiple ways you can utilize Joomla. Either download it and use it on your own server (Apache. etc) and furthermore pursue a free and completely working Joomla website on

Joomla – Benefits and Features

It is SEO-accommodating, is fully responsive to mobile screens and also provides the facility to have multilingual pages.

The platform is adaptable and completely extensible. The platform is improving day by day. A portion of the webs host Joomla is perfect with are Kliken, A2Hosting, Hostpapa, and SiteLock.

Joomla vs. WordPress

In contrast to WordPress, Joomla is slightly trickier. Its backend is quite difficult to comprehend and takes more time to understand than WordPress. But its multilingual element is way beyond WordPress. With WordPress and a few other blogging platforms, you should download an extra plugin to entertain a multilingual facility.

4: Drupal

drupal best self-hosted blogging platform

Drupal is one of the top Content Management Systems (CMS), it stands out among its competitors. Joomla has extensive offerings for blogging enthusiasts to create a blog that is secured, modern, and fast.

Drupal Drawback

One thing that makes Drupal a little away from absolute novices is being a challenging blogging platform to customize. Although, it offers exciting features and unlimited possibilities but for a technical person. That’s why it is a less used blogging platform.

However, I assume you have decided to go with Drupal then become happy as it has top-notch features. It is mainly SEO-focused, you can easily get searched in Google search engine. It has a stunning interface and loaded with enormous third-party templates and plugins.

So, if you are a tech guy must go with Drupal.

5: Postleaf

best self hosted blogging platform postleaf

Postleaf is a genuinely new participant to the website builders industry and is one of the main blogging platforms that offer inline editing. This is a tremendous preferred position as no other platform offers you this benefit. Inline editing implies as you are writing the article, you will have the option to perceive what the last edit is going to look like progressively. You don’t have to stop and snap on a review catch to survey your writing or format. Everything occurs continuously.

Postleaf Features

Other than this component, Postleaf is completely decentralized, so you possess all your work. It additionally has a powerful picture alternative so you can disregard resizing images. The interface is sufficiently shrewd to do it for you consequently. There are additionally a few custom themes, you can tag and order posts.

Postleaf Downside

However, there is one downside, it is that there are relatively few hosting alternatives for Postlead. Ordinarily, Postleaf is good with Nginx, however, on the off chance that you might want to change the most you can do is switch to Apache. The website offers an example setup you can convey quickly however other than that doesn’t leave you with such a large number of choices.

JSON Feed > RSS Feed

Postleaf additionally utilizes the JSON feed rather than the RSS feed, which a few bloggers might be reluctant to investigate since RSS is attempted and tried and is utilized by all the great platforms.

Self-Hosted vs Hosted Blogging Platforms

Let me make you learned whether you need a blog that is hosted or self-hosted:

Hosted implies that the blog programming and your material exist on the blogging platform’s web servers. Hosted blog platforms assume the liability of dealing with the product, information, and web-hosting so you don’t need to. Numerous bloggers start off with a hosted platform and in the end change to a self-hosted platform to have more command over their blog.

Self-hosted implies that you introduce the blogging software on your own web server. You can pay for server space through a hosting organization like Bluehost or Siteground. You will have more command over your blog with a self-hosted website, however, you additionally have more upkeep and obligation regarding your blog when something turns out badly. The most mainstream self-hosting blog platform is

Final Note

I have referenced and explained all self-hosted blogging platforms you can not start blogging endeavour. You can now effectively choose which platform is most appropriate for you. I will prescribe you beginning with WordPress if you feel difficulty in creating a blog I am beneath glueing the connections of some industrious blogging website developers, get in touch with them and talk about your task.

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