Top Blogging Niches in 2021 for Your Success

Top Blogging Niches in 2021 for Your Success

Top blogging niches in 2021 would set the pace for a successful blogging journey. This article explains the 10s of niches helpful in making 2021 your successful blogging year. We start it from the advice below:

Niche brainstorming for blogging is an uphill task. It requires years of experience, expertise in SEO, and an eye on ever-changing trends.

If someone tells you that ‘technology’ is the most potential niche in 2021 but you have minimal knowledge plus zero interest in this niche, how are you going to do it? That’s why we as like other peers advise choosing a niche that you are fond of and have handsome knowledge of.

See the table underneath, it gives you top blogging niches in 2021 with search volume, keyword difficulty, and cost per click CPC.

The Top 10 Best Blog Niches that can Help You to Make Money in 2021

Travel Niche

City guide:

Exploring your own city and its environmental factors. Prescribe unique and special spots to visit. Extraordinary for spending traveling.

Travel tips:

Offer your tips and deceives for traveling. Traversing long flights, pressing productively, and so forth

Social contrasts:

Offer what you’ve found out about the traditions and appropriate habits in an unfamiliar culture. This is an incredible specialty for helping ex-pats and travelers regard neighborhood customs.

Language and travel:

On the off chance that you like learning languages, why not make a blog about it? Help your perusers get familiar with some essential words and valuable expressions for their next outing. For much more worth, make a couple of supportive PDF cheat sheets that your perusers can print out!

Traveling for work:

Accomplish you work for an aircraft or simply travel a ton for work? Utilize your delays to catch the substance of every city and nation. Offer your accounts with the world – you have a worldwide crowd pausing!

Important: This article answers each question about Travel Blogging, a must-read to get in-depth knowledge of the travel niche.

top blogging niches in 2021
Top Blogging Niches in 2021

Health Niche


This is one of the most productive blog specialties out there. There’s consistently another in vogue diet to zero in on – you simply need to begin your blog quickly to outperform your opposition!

Nourishment and enhancements:

We as a whole realize we ought to eat better nourishments – yet for what reason is it so troublesome? Help your perusers accomplish their objectives and feed their bodies with healthy nourishments!


Offer your experience and tips for accomplishing an away from of brain with meditation. Give amateur level guided meditations to pull in new perusers and develop your span.

Natural remedies:

Encourage your blog target crowd how they can profit by what nature has to bring to the table.


This is a major thing in the health and wellbeing specialty. Care is an incredible blog point to bring in cash on the web, as well. Simply share your tips for rehearsing careful living in regular daily existence.

Mental health:

Help your perusers discover the underlying drivers of gloom, uneasiness, and other mental health issues. Keep your tips straightforward and ensure you don’t offer clinical guidance in case you’re not a confirmed professional.

Self-care and self-esteem:

We do countless things for so numerous others consistently. By what method can your perusers accomplish a more joyful life by devoting more opportunity to themselves as opposed to going through their days working for the requirements of others?

Confidence boosting:

Help your crowd with confidence issues. On the off chance that you’ve battled with liking yourself, share your story, and how you conquered the issue! In what capacity can your perusers accomplish better certainty to prevail throughout everyday life and become more joyful when all is said in done?


There are a lot of skin health subjects to expound on. Skin inflammation and maturing are presumably the most famous specialties out there.

Conventional medication:

Elective clinical medicines are getting increasingly famous. Conventional Chinese Medicine (CCM), Ayurveda, needle therapy – the rundown is long!

Here are the 10 Best Blog Niches that can Help You to Make Money in 2021

Top Blogging Niches in 2021

KeywordSearch VolumeSEO Keyword DifficultyCPC ($)
Fun travel tips7052.41
City guide320191.17
Healthy Diets for men720153.07
Protein shake recipe18000233.38
Gardening for beginners3600250.92
Organic gardening2900211.25
Adult blogging1300220.51
Cooking for large groups26090.25
How to make washing powder110112.69
Content writer4400High16.01
Fashion trends for transgenders (v.i.p)10Very lowNot yet
Kashmir willow cricket bats70340.43
Floral jewelry6600351.21
Sublimation mug1900341.69
Inexpensive washing machine (2021)39041.29
Most reliable washing machine3600Low6.13
Toys for kids boys3600Medium0.49
Classic vs modern home decor2900Low0.30
Top Blogging Niches 2021

This niche research is done by Ahrefs premium tool.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Blog Niche

Low Competition

Low competition niches are those that can rank with practically zero third party referencing and with no domain authority. Choose a niche with low competition and then as a second step choose low competition keywords.

As a beginner, always go for long-tail keywords encompassing 4 to 5 words such as “Best travel blogging platform”.

Right kind of Blog writing

Google prefers and suggests detailed, comprehensive, and authentic content. We recommend you to read about Google’s EAT and BERT algorithms before you start blogging. My personal experience is, in the beginning, we should write articles consisting of 2500+ words.

Good scope

Make sure the niche you select can contain 50+ articles. Publishing more and more articles on a regular basis is necessary to gain and maintain success.


Tons of content is available on this topic but leave all that commercial content I suggest you read this SEO Guide from Google since it has been written by the search engine in which we have to rank our websites, it is best to understand SEO from it.


Long story short, choose a niche you have a good understanding of, you possess an interest in it and it has low competition, and good scope.

Note: The following articles educate ins and out of blogging in a very simple way.

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