1 Truly Free eCommerce Website Builder For All Your Needs

You can create an eCommerce website for free using WooCommerce which is a totally free eCommerce website builder. All you need to spend is on buying a domain and hosting.

There are many companies providing domain + hosting between $30-40 per year. A free website builder such as WooCommerce saves your monthly spendings that “paid eCommerce website builders” like Shopify charges.

Note: One thing is obvious, the famous eCommerce platform Shopify and all others (Wix, BigCommerce, etc) charge you the money for creating a store. WooCommerce is the only plugin that is totally free.

There are a lot of blog posts available on this topic but rather than guiding the audience honestly they promote a mix of paid and free website builders (e-commerce). In order to earn money through affiliate links.

Since I am a website developer and have experience in creating e-commerce websites thus I will truly guide you on what platform is best suitable for you.

Let’s start

WooCommerce: Free E-commerce Website Builder

WordPress (WooCommerce)

WordPress is the world’s biggest Content Management System (CMS), 455 Million websites are built on WordPress. WooCommerce is an eCommerce solution (plugin) by WordPress which is totally free of cost. I am telling you this based on my personal experience that the WooCommerce is only fully free eCommerce builder. All the other platforms have free and paid plans, which means that you will get a few features in the free plan, and to entertain a complete e-commerce website you would need to buy their paid plans.

WooCommerce saves you from this and comes out as a totally freely installable plugin. If you want to create a website which sells products, then I will suggest you to must go with WooCommerce. This is the most customizable platform for building small to large-sized online businesses. With no time it became famous because of its flexibility, ease-of-use, and free of cost.

Payment Methods

You can easily add payment methods like PayPal or Stripe to it. It provides a complete interface to set up your payment methods. It once offers to add a payment method (PayPal) while the installing process but that is not mandatory you can add that any time after installation.

Product Limit

Unlike the other eCommerce website builders, WooCommerce has no product limit. You can add and sell any number of products either physical or digital. It charges no transaction fees.


Though WooCommerce is very functional and flexible, still you can add some add-ons to enhance the functionality.

  • WooCommerce Product Addons
  • WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules
  • Check Fielder Editor and Manager

are some of them which offer a marvellous experience to turn your idea into reality.

Pros of WordPress WooCommerceCons of WordPress WooCommerce
Bundle of Free Stunning ThemesHeavyweight CMS
No Transaction and Monthly FeesLittle Complex for an Absolute Novice
Allows to do SEO (RankMath free plugin)
Full Fledge Ecommerce Solution
Highly Customizable

Other blog posts against the query “free eCommerce website builder” brings you several website builders such as Weebly, Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, etc. After reviewing all of those blogs and these website builders, I honestly let you know that none of them is a free eCommerce website builder. If you still want to do research by yourself, you can do it. I bet you’ll come back believing that only WooCommerce is totally free eCommerce website builder. This article will further give you complete insights about WooCommerce, now let’s have a quick overview of other eCommerce platforms.

  • Weebly is a website builder but in its free plan, it does not let you add a custom domain and also shows its own ads on your store (how stupid?).
  • Big Cartel is another eCommerce platform and it has the same drawbacks as Weebly, you can’t add a custom domain and are restricted to selling only 5 products (Are you okay with only 5?).
  • Constant Contact is another platform which is also not free of cost, it charges 3% transaction fees on every sale.
  • Shopify and Wix are totally paid platforms, we’ll not even describe them as this article is only about free eCommerce website builder, so, our readers could create a site for them after reading the article.

Still go to this link if you want to know all paid eCommerce website builders.

WooCommerce Explained

free ecommerce website builder


There are plenty of free themes available for WooCommerce. On WordPress, you’ll first install the theme and then WooCommerce. Below are some

14 Most Popular WooCommerce Themes

  • Shop Keeper e-Commerce
  • The Retailer Premium WooCommerce Theme
  • XStore Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme.
  • BAZARSHOP Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme.
  • Woodmart Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme.
  • Electro Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme.
  • Savoy Minimalist AJAX WooCommerce Theme.
  • Legenda Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme.
  • Labomba Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme.
  • Martfury WooCommerce Marketplace WordPress Theme.
  • North Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme.
  • Nitro Universal WooCommerce Theme from an eCommerce expert.
  • Mr. Tailor Responsive WooCommerce Theme.
  • Basel Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme

There are 1000s of themes selling on third-party websites it is difficult to estimate how many themes are associated with WordPress but some statistics show 1135 WooCommerce themes are on ThemeForest, also there are 548 WooCommerce themes on a directory of the wordpress.org. While on Mojo Themes there are 240 WooCommerce themes.


It provides a different range of basic to advanced level plugins that give more ease and user-friendly environment to develop e-commerce business. WooCommerce allows you to add further plugins called extensions, to discriminate them from WordPress plugins to add particular functions and features.

free eCommerce website builders best-free-woocommerce-plugins

WooCommerce Product Addons

This is a plugin developed by Acowebs, provides a wide range of options to decorate products. Adding to WooCommerce’s basic features it gives extra options in the form of fields to collect more information from the customer regarding their order. It’s very helpful for customers as they can add information about what designs/sizes they are looking for. WooCommerce product addons plugin is a very easy, drag, and drop form builder.

Checkout Field Editor and Manager for WooCommerce

This plugin is specially designed to decorate the checkout page. This is a kind of form which helps you collect details from buyers when they proceed to checkout. It has features like Bulk Discounts and Setting the same price for a set of products and others for another set of products.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules

It’s another must-have plugin. It revamps all online shopping experiences. With this plugin, in your WooCommerce store, you can set prices for a different group of products and offer discounts in bulk. You can cash an event like a summer sale or new year sale with this plugin, create an offer and advertise it with let’s say ‘20% off Summer Sale’.

There are still a number of plugins to power WooCommerce even more.

19 Best WooCommerce Plugins

  1. WooCommerce Multilingual-run WooCommerce with WPML.
  2. Breeze-Free WordPress Cache Plugin.
  3. AliDropship Plugin.
  4. WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration.
  5. WooCommerce Feed Manager.
  6. WooCommerce Product Slider.
  7. Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin by XAdapter.
  8. Woo Social Media Marketing.
  9. WooCommerce Customizer.
  10. Discount Rules for WooCommerce.
  11. WooCommerce Checkout Manager.
  12. WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap.
  13. Genesis Connect for WooCommerce.
  14. Product Import Export for WooCommerce.
  15. WooCommerce Currency Switcher.
  16. RankMath SEO
  17. WooCommerce Shortcodes.
  18. Booster for WooCommerce.
  19. YITH WooCommerce Compare.


I hope now you can understand and decide which eCommerce platform is suitable for your business. You are free to do research and discover if there’s another totally free eCommerce website builder. However, I have explained only WooCommerce is serving it so far. If you find this article useful share within your circle.

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